Make your

100+ playful animated icons. Customize colours, stroke width, background and scale. Available in JSON and SVG format.

Improve your interface experience

Use unicorn icons to add playful visual moments to your interface.

Easy to customize

Change colours, stroke width, and scale using the 'unicorn icons editor' with just a few clicks.

Export in multiple formats

Edit the icons and export them in SVG or JSON format and directly use them in your projects.

Ready for web & mobile use

Unicorn icons support multiple formats. Icons are ready to run on Android, iOS & web.

Works for both light and dark mode

Customize the icon colours and background to match your colour palette. Easily edit the icon colours for both light and dark themes.

Playful animated icons

Create 6 different styles using unicorn icons editor

unicorn icon


unicorn icon


unicorn icon

Monotone circle bg

unicorn icon

Duotone circle bg

unicorn icon

Monotone square bg

unicorn icon

Duotone square bg

The process behind unicorn icons

Animations made with heart by Khushmeen

Drawing & planing

I start the process by drawing icon sketches and planning animations

Creating vectors

Then I convert the drawings into vectors and prepare the files for animation.


I add fun and playful animations to icons. And they are ready for use!

Communitcate with motion

Use animated icons to add playful visual moments when user completes an interaction